How to make a Cherpumple… successfully!

An absolutely genius cake!

Vittle Monster

Cherpumple cake and slice

What is a CHERPUMPLE, you ask?  Only the most ridiculously fabulous cake/pie dessert ever invented!  From the online research prior to my first cherpumple attempt, I learned that it consists of 3 stacked layers – traditionally with a cherry pie baked into a chocolate cake, a pumpkin pie in a spice cake, and an apple pie in a yellow cake then covered in frosting.  You’ll see that I took some liberties with the cake flavors because of sale prices at the grocery store, hehe!  What, we’re in a recession, yo!

I don’t usually write posts about food I’ve made, but I decided to make an exception since I was particularly proud of successfully completing this monster and since I’ve attempted this twice, I can hopefully provide some useful advice to future cherpumple bakers (and conquerors).  Mine is not the most beautiful or perfectly executed cherpumple ever, but I’m still proud of…

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