Dhaba Beas – Go Vegetarian & Vegan in Prague

Dhaba Beas - Go Vegetarian & Vegan in Prague

Delicious Baked Aubergine/Eggplant with Couscous and Blue Cheese on Top, Vegan Potatoes and Rice at Prague’s Dhaba Beas Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant, Czech Republic.

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This excellent self-service buffet establishment serves fantastically tasty, delicious vegetarian cuisine. It’s really worth visiting even though it’s a bit off touristy center of Prague, but not that far from Muzeum, Wenceslas Square. If you happen to find yourself in that area be sure to drop in for a quick lunch that won’t cost you much at all.

The address is Bělehradská street no. 90, Praha 2.

The atmosphere is great with the backyard seating area with trees shading it and all.

The only small downside is a sad, poker-faced staff that you fortunately only encounter when they weigh your plate full of delicious, yet very reasonably priced food at the check-out counter.

Besides the apparent unfriendliness of the staff (yes, for some reason they return your smile with an indifferent, hostile stare) I enjoyed the desing and the ambient of the place very much and it is worth visiting for the culinary experience.

Although they do not advertise it anywhere and call themselves “Vegetarian Dhaba” on the store front,  some of the dishes in the self-service buffet are even labeled as vegan, wich I think is a very nice touch to widen the clientele.
This place is great for taking your friend out for lunch if you need to speak in privacy over a delicious meal and if you appreciate quiet surroundings with no loud people, blasting music or those pesky smokers annoying you everywhere else in Prague these days.

I had a great time overall.

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