Sling Swing In Zürich

Sling Swing

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A funny giant sling/swing in a huge courtyard called Hardaupark in residential area of Zürich, Switzerland. And guess what, it glows at night, too!


Y Hardau Park, Zurich

Since the spring of 2011, Hardau Park in Zurich has been featuring a giant swing in the shape of a slingshot. NUSSLI was selected for the implementation of the 16 meters high, Y-shaped sculpture, which had been an idea of the artist Sislej Xhafa. The base construction made of steel, was later shrouded with a layer of 8 mm translucent PMMA. A sensor is triggered if someone takes a seat on the swing, and the Y begins to glow in various colours. No less than 600 state of the art and individually programmable LED points were integrated into the structure. The biggest challenge for this project was to implement the design specifications of the artist in line with official requirements for safety and maintenance. (


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