Old Painting – A Gentleman In A Bowler Hat

Old Painting - A Gentleman In A Bowler Hat

I like this chap. Again have no idea who he is. But pop in later as I will try to find out for you. He seems like he’s got his s..t together, though. But at the same time his eyes are saying “don’t mess with me”. That’s what I like about him.  :-)

I must say I really like this painting. It’s a masterful and very strong portrait and I feel like I am standing face to face physically with that gentleman. That’s what I think an art of portrait is supposed to be about.

Update 7.12.2013

So I finally found out this picture is a self-portrait of Otakar Marvánek who was a Czech painter born in 1884 and died in 1921.

He studied under H. Schwaiger at the Academy of Arts in Prague, he was a member of Tvrdosijni group (The Stubborn), which had a great influence on his work.


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