Rembrandt’s Crucifixion – Detail (Pastel Sketch)

Rembrandt's Crucifixion - Detail (Pastel Copy)

My rendition of detail from Rembrandt’s painting Crucifixion I did when I was 18 or so using a photograph of this masterpiece from an art book on Rembrandt as a model.


This painting is little known in part because it hangs in a parish church in a small French town and was only re-discovered in the 1950’s. It also makes scholars very uncomfortable. Not until 2009 did two art historians, Shelley Perlove and Larry Silver, note in a book on Rembrandt’s faith that Christ’s contorted face resembles  the artist himself in an engraving, Self-Portrait with an Open Mouth, made the year before.

Here is the whole masterpiece:


Well, I only hope my version won’t remind you of that church lady who “restored” the Christ’s face in a fresco at her local church in Spain. :-)



4 thoughts on “Rembrandt’s Crucifixion – Detail (Pastel Sketch)

  1. You’re talented! I’d love to be able to control my pencil that way. I took a course, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” many years ago, and I must admit it helped in “seeing” things, but I’m just not an artist. My favorite medium is photography — but have a long way to go to make it artistry. Who let that woman touch that painting. That’s not restoration! That’s defacing, literally.


    • Oh, thank you so very much! You are too kind. I am glad you like my drawing. Yes, I prefer photography these days also. Drawing and painting takes real talent and also a lot of patience and determination.
      I agree with the defacing, totally. LOL!


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