Lone Lane Reader

Lone Lane Reader

6 thoughts on “Lone Lane Reader

  1. I love this picture! Its so much my kind of a street – quaint and cobble-stoned and quiet! Its hard to find such a quiet and beautiful street in India – though of course, we have different kinds of beautiful places :D I liked this black-n-white one better than the colored on one your Street Life page!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Well, I am thorn about the original colours and B&W version since I just love this picture so much myself. But you are probably right that the B&W is more to the point in directing the viewer to the reading person in the middle without all the distracting colours of the original and therefore comes out as a better edit. And perhaps gives it a more artistic feel? :-) I love your blog and your photographs very much, too, btw. :-) Peace!


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