25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life – Marrakech, Morocco

    • Thank you so much! To be honest I wasn’t going for any particular order with this selection but I did like the bird in cage pic the most of all and did therefore place it in position one. :-) It would’ve never crossed my mind I would ever use it in a photo challenge themed “Street Life” some 2 years later from taking it. :-) Although it was taken in the street and it is a perfect fit for the job. :-)


    • Thank you for your comment and for liking my post!
      It was the last week of March, 2012. I remember we were returning home on 1st of April, 2012. :-) During our visit the Jemaa el-Fnaa was always quiet and relaxed during the day when all the commotion from the night feasting was over and the food stands were gone. Don’t really know if it had anything to do with the season of the year, though. :-)


  1. My favourite? That last one … the mystery.
    The first had me fooled until I (reading from left to right) realised it is actually a night scene. I love that effect~!


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