Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave performance in this house in 1762 aged 6.”
These are the golden letters to commemorate that lovely event.


And this is the actual house in Bratislava, Slovakia where you can find this marble plaque with the golden letters inscribed (between the two windows  on the right from the entrance).

I can almost hear him playing behind one of those windows…

I just love roaming historical parts of cities in Europe, or anywhere else, for that matter. Don’t you?


58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

    • Ha ha! Funny coincidence. You should definitely go for it! I have several photos of grafitti, neon signs, store signs, traffic signs, etc. for this challenge… But I decided to post this particular pic of the plaque because the golden letters were the most beautiful of all the pics I have and also for what a cute, 252 years old message about an immensly gifted 6 y.o. child they carry out for the passers by. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment!


  1. To see something related to Mozart is very inspirational. Since I am a big fan of his music, this photo is real treat for all music lovers like me. Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)


    • Have I seen it? I worship it! :-) And its director, Czech Milos Forman. I’ve seen it recently for an umpteenth time on Czech tv. :-) Shot in Prague in 1984. One of the best movies ever with unforgettable Tom Hulce as Amadeus! :-) Cynthia Nixon, today’s Sex and the city franchise star, played the maid in Amadeus’ household as an 18 y.o. :-)
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! :-)


      • I loved the movie, too. Mozart was a great man, if a bit crazy. I wonder if there are still rivalries between musicians? But of course they were vying for the ear of the king and his patronage. I guess there’s not a lot of that anymore. Love your pictures of places I probably will never see.


  2. This is stunning – just stunning. I love Mozart:) You have captured a very special place – oh how I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he performed:)


    • I agree. I love visiting Greece for exactly that. In Italy I’ve just done Venice so far. Rome is still a big endeavour lying ahead of me and I cannot wait to see it all! Thank you for stopping by and for commenting! :-)


  3. Yes! Roaming through history….you can feel the past moving into the present.
    A WWII Vet told me that, during the war in Germany, he took shelter in the basement of a house one night.
    When he woke up in the morning, he saw the signs and found out he had been sleeping in Beethoven’s house!


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