A cute little door I stumbled upon while roaming the back streets of Zürich, Switzerland, with the right amount of wear and tear, or shabby chic if you like, at the bottom. I love the solid, well-proportioned stone frame and the pretty woodwork fitted inside of it, with the little window at the top to let more daylight into the hallway. Clever and thoughtful.

I did have the urge to ring and say hello and find out who lives behind such a cool door when they’re asking for it so nicely there (“Bitte läuten” means “Please ring”). But I didn’t, ’cause I know better. :-)

15 thoughts on ““22”

      • You are so appreciative and expressive. That’s very exciting. I want to thank you for constant support despite your large followership, you still pass by with ‘likes’. I appreciate this. Stay blessed


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