5 thoughts on “Bistro

    • Oh, thank you so much! You don’t know what a praise from someone with a blog like yours means to me. Your photographs are stunning! Especially with this one that I am quite proud of, as I concider it pretty cool, too, I must say rather immodestly. :-) B&W was an easy and quite natural choice for this one.
      And I see you’ve taken the same theme on for your blog as me, too! Nice! :-D


      • OMG, “from someone with a blog like yours”??? You have an exceptional blog, with wonderful photos (which is evidenced by your number of followers and post likes!). I just haven’t visited enough to tell you so :( And I do love the Fontfolio theme. It’s worked for me since the beginning – easy to navigate and fun to see all the checkerboard of photos on the homepage :)


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