17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story II

    • Wow. Thank you! It’s been sitting on my hard drive for ages and I didn’t really think much of it. Maybe because of the poor quality. But the “split-second story” behind it is quite strong. That’s true. Glad you like it! :-)


  1. At first I thought they were trying to get an animal out of the mud, then I read the comments about the log. Strange how first impressions make you convinced of what is in your own mind, so you look no further. Thoughtful stuff, and ideal for the theme. Best wishes, Pete.


    • Since I took the pic myself It has never occured to me it might be anything other than a log until somebody asked about it in the comments. So I didn’t feel the need to even add any caption to the pic when I originally posted it. Now that an animal (a croc) had been mentioned below I can totally see it, too. :-) Well, just shows that reading comments is important. LOL! :-) Thank you very much for stopping by and for your lovely comment. :-) I appreciate it. Cheers!


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